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I was injured in a hit and run auto accident, how can I recover for my injuries?

Hit-and-run accidents are accidents in which a driver collides with you, and then disappears. Phantom vehicle accidents are accidents caused by a driver who never makes contact with your car, but causes the accident and then disappears. In both of these cases, your uninsured motorist coverage is available to you. If you have UM coverage, you have a source of recovery in hit-and-run and phantom vehicle cases. Check your policy to confirm you have UM coverage. If you don't have it, go buy it.

Even if you don't own a car, you may have UM coverage. Yes, even if you don't have a car registered in Florida, if the resident relative, a family member who shares your home, has a UM policy, you'll be covered under your resident relative's UM policy. Uninsured motorist coverage is complicated. If you've been injured in an accident, I urge you to seek the advice of an attorney immediately.


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